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Framework and Checklist for OL in HE

Posted by 4elearning on May 8, 2006

Recently read a journal article by Hosie et al 2005 on the checklist for evaluating online learning. The paper describes the rapid expansion of access to technology and how courseware for education can be evaluated. The table of pedagogical qualities and resources are useful reminders of the need to consider many aspects to courseware design, not only as separate learning objects but a model for consideration when evaluating a course within Blackboard or similar VLE.  The quality checklist on pag 549 from the ECU working group is a useful summary of the need to consider pedagogy,resource and delivery.

Article: Hosie, P et al (2005) Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 30: 5: 539-553.


One Response to “Framework and Checklist for OL in HE”

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